Swiper, No Swiping

I did it. I mean I really did it.

I deleted all my dating apps. I only had them for about two weeks but they were starting to take over my life.

Wake up, swipe, eat, swipe, drink, swipe, sleep, swipe. There was just too much swiping. I was getting matches left and right not to toot my own horn or anything.

They were mainly for hook ups but I did have some cool conversations with some of them. Even added them on social media .

But since I’m looking for love and I was not seeing a hint of that I had to let it go. I don’t think I believe in apps for relationships anymore. I don’t think I ever did I just really wanted it to happen. And it didn’t so my theory was proven right.

I always felt like dating through apps was too mechanical. As if you are trying too hard to find love. Love is supposed to happen just because right? Not on some app with some stranger that just happened to swipe right because he was like “eh he ok.”

So now I’m open to what ever. A friend says they have someone in mind for me , show me. If we happen to cross each other’s path then so be it. But I’m just really tired of trying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

2 thoughts on “Swiper, No Swiping

  1. I had those apps as well, and know the feeling. I thought I had found someone but in the end, he stopped talking to me. I removed the apps and then added Grindr again, only to find out he changed his status to dating someone. Talk about a low blow. To this day I don’t have those apps anymore and could care less.

    My current boyfriend and I met on a local Facebook Group titled Modern Gay Connecticut, and I’m so glad we did. It’s only been three months, but the whole not using apps and it not being long distance has been great – story on my blog.

    It will happen in the end; I didn’t think it would. Be sure to keep us updated!

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    • I shall go on Facebook than. Only kidding, I guess it’s different for everyone. Once it happens it will happen I’m a firm believer things happen for a reason .

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