Do Not Disturb

What’s the opposite of writers block? I think I have that. I want to type until my fingers bleed. Maybe not as much but sort of like that. I have all these thoughts in my head I want to spit out onto the blank canvas on my screen. But, I wont. It would be too messy and honestly no one is down to listen to all that nonsense. Plus no one would understand it either way.

I was thinking though I would at least let one thought out into the world. One can’t do that much damage can it?

My phone has been through hell and back more than twice and ever since then when ever it vibrates it makes this crazy vibration sound that people think its a sex toy. I’m not kidding. The freaking thing can be heard in my pocket clearer than then the ring tone. It’s been an issue for a while. Anyone who has yet to hear it I have to explain to them that my phone has been through some serious things and that’s its way of screaming for attention, before they get the wrong impression of me.

To fix this issue I have resorted in using the Do Not Disturb function on my phone. Let me tell you something. This was function was made by the Leave Me The F*** Alone Gods. At first I did it because I was tired of hearing the buzzing sound that my phone made. But then, I was liberated.  I was freed. I noticed that I wasn’t always reaching for my phone 24/7. I even stopped feeling my pocket thinking that my phone had gone off when in reality hadn’t, (you know what I’m talking about right? When you think your phone vibrates when in fact it hasn’t, its just your brain playing mind tricks on you).

It’s been over a week since I started doing this and I have to say that my life has gotten way much better. There are functions on this setting that will allow someone to get through this firewall, if there actually is an emergency. So there really isn’t any reason that I have for turning it back on.

When I need to text someone, I will. If they text me, now I will text them back the next time I pick up my phone, not when my phone is having a full on vibration seizure. Its actually really therapeutic. I highly recommend it, if you’re not that addicted to getting notifications, or you are one of those peoples that needs to know when they get a text or else they will have an asthma attack if they don’t reply within 5 seconds, if that’s the case, I think you got an issue to be honest.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. I did something similar in regard to Facebook. I turned off all notifications for Facebook, and now I will see them whenever I happen to get on there – which may be once a day or once every couple of days.

    I always think back to when I was a teenager, and cell phones were a luxury with free nights and weekends and 200 daytime minutes a month. No real internet to browse, no apps … just simple call and maybe spend five minutes typing out one word text messages. I miss those days. I am so reliant on my phone now, for everything. Music, GPS, communication to the point that people know if they want to talk to me, they better send a text because I am not picking up the phone to actually talk to anyone. This is the world we now live in.


    • I hate phone calls! Sadly though, because sometimes it’s nice to listen to someone’s voice. But I early do it, so rare that it feels strange having my phone close to my ear. But you’re right, that’s the world now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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