Writing A Book

I’m going to be writing a book.

I just want to put that out there. (Universe are you listening?). I’m doing it for myself and maybe it will help others out too. Who knows?

My all time dream is to become a writer. The thing is, I never actually knew what to write about. There are so many different forms of writing out there, so many different types of genres. Not to mention that there are millions of people that also want to be writers and authors. They want their voice to be heard.

I don’t even know where to start. How does one write a book? I need to research. I need to find out how I want to tell my story. Why I want to tell my story. Then, tell my story.

There are so many ways one can do so. There are so many outlets. Here on this blog I’ve been the most honest I’ve ever been to anyone. In my book I want to do the same.

Although I’m excited about this, I’m not going to rush it. I know a simple book can be written in about three months. But I want my book to be authentic. I want it to be accurate. Truthful. I need to get a good editor, but that’s until the end. I’m getting ahead of myself. It might take months maybe a year or so, but that’s ok.

This is a new start for me. A new journey. I’m excited but scared. I like change. It’s nerve racking but I love a good thrill.

2 thoughts on “Writing A Book

  1. Set a goal for words written in a day. A decent-sized novel is at least 75,000 words. If you wrote a thousand words a day … you could be done with your rough draft in less than three months.

    Do NOT edit anything on your first draft. Don’t go back and re-read it because you will want to edit it. Just keep writing.

    You don’t have to write in chronological order. Have an outline for each chapter, and whichever chapter is inspiring your creative flow at the moment – work on that.

    I work best with headphones and music that reminds me of what I’m writing about.

    Take what you know and what you’ve been through and fictionalize it.

    I think I’m almost 30,000 words in on my book – but with a kid and injured husband, I don’t get to write every single day and that sucks. I am also so tired that half of the time I don’t feel inspired to write anything.

    Stephen King wrote “Carrie” while he and his wife were homeless and living in their car. If he can do that, and be who he is ….. we have no excuse. lol

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