This Is My Country Too

I was not born in America. But I was raised American. I am not a citizen of America. But I know more about this country then those who are telling me to go back to ‘mine’. I am from another country, yet I do not know anything about the country that I came from. I know of it, but not the way I know American history.

I have been in this country since I was 2 years old. Was I asked to be brought here? No. Did I have a choice to be here? No. It is not my fault that I am here. Should I pay for that now in my adult life?

I grew up thinking I was the same as everyone else. I grew up thinking I was going to go college and then get a good job and live the american dream, because I myself thought I was American.

Now I see the news and I read the comments and see how people of this country that I grew up loving but not being able to be part of want me to return to a country I have not even known since I was a toddler. I don’t even remember it. This is my home, this is where I grew up, this is where I have all my friends and family. This is my country too.

I wish I could ask them what they think I would be able to do in a country I don’t know anything of. I would like to ask them that if the circumstances were the same with their parents, would they say the same thing?

I’m not saying that what my parents did in bringing me here was a good idea, nor am I saying it was the right thing to do. Obviously it wasn’t the correct way to do it. I know that, I understand that. But why do I have to pay for it? I am a good person, I have not hurt anyone, I’m going to school, I take care of my mother and brother. I obey the laws.

Sure if I was out in the streets running a muck and hurting people, well yeah, go ahead, throw me out, who wants trash in their home?

But is it really only immigrants that are running the streets?

Dreamers are called dreamers because they are dreaming of the day they can be legal and go to school, better their lives, and give this country what this country has given them.

Of course there are people out there that make mistakes, and they should be held accountable by their actions. But, what have I done?

I wanted to talk about this because today in the Supreme court they will discussing DACA. This has helped many children and young adults like me who were brought when they were young to the United States to gain the ability to work and go to school.

I don’t understand why people are freaked out about this. It is not giving just “anyone” status. No, its giving it to that person who you went to school with. That person who tried their best in school fearing that one day they were going to lose their family.

We are not criminals, we are just like you and your children, do we not deserve a good life too?

1 thought on “This Is My Country Too

  1. This entire situation is such a mess, and until the laws change to make it easier for people to become citizens, I fear it will always be a mess.

    Politically, I am a Centrist, in that I can see views from both sides and I both agree and disagree with different things from both sides of the political fence. People on either side go to such extreme’s with their assumptions of what something means, and then they are stuck in their ideals about it.

    Does anyone that wants to be here to live a better life, deserve to be here? Absolutely. Should they be allowed here on green card or working Visa to do so? Yes. Should there be a less expensive option so that they can become citizens? Yes. It’s not fair that it takes so much money and years and years to maybe become a citizen.

    Should our borders be wide open so that anyone can come through and just “stay” here without proper documentation? No. There is no country in the WORLD that allows that. None. In fact, places like China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, and others will ship your ass back home before you can blink if you think you’re going to live there without going through the proper channels to become a citizen – and that’s IF they approve you. You aren’t even guaranteed that. I have a friend that was hit by a drunk driver – the man that hit her was an illegal immigrant. No insurance on the car he was driving, he didn’t have a drivers license. He came over here through improper channels, had been here for over fifteen years, worked under the table in construction, didn’t pay taxes, didn’t have a license. He destroyed my friends life. She will always have problems with her body from the damage that he caused. Had he of been properly documented, perhaps he would have had insurance, a license, and be held accountable for what he did to her. He wasn’t even apologetic for what he did. They sent him back to Mexico because he was undocumented. He will most likely make his way back here via the same channels as before, having learned nothing.

    But yes, you have every right to be here. You have every right to be a citizen. I don’t think children should ever be punished for being brought over here. But that is an entirely different discussion and situation of forcing families apart or deporting children back to their country with their parents so they aren’t separated.

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