10 Pounds L[f]at[t]er

It’s crazy how you can gain weight so fast. Like what’s up with that? Who made this dumb rule, I don’t like it and it needs to be changed as soon as possible.

I worked so hard to get to the weight I wanted to be at, which is really generous for myself, to come back to being the same as when I started.

In just two weeks I manage to gain 10 pounds. Last week was thanksgiving. You mean to tell me that I should refrain from eating all that delicious food? Nope, not I. I probably ate more than I should have, yes, I won’t lie there.

Plus the rest of the days my boyfriend and I ate out aggressively. Snacks at home like we’re 12 also.

This week was no different. I was a little bit under the weather so I didn’t go to the gym. To add on to the it rained so I stayed in bed watching Disney +.

And if you’re in bed, sick, watching Disney movies, of course you’re going to need snacks and hot chocolate.

Now I’m back at the gym, and I made the mistake of getting in the scale and seeing that I’m back to where I started a month ago, if not worse.

I need to stop compulsive eating. I think that’s my issue. But food is just too good to quit.

How do people become health nuts? Or vegans? What demonic presence do they sell their soul to in order to be that thin? Because I swear there can’t be any other way. This whole losing weight is demonic, I swear.

2 thoughts on “10 Pounds L[f]at[t]er

  1. I boil a lot of it down to genetics. I dated a guy that ate four times what I ate, and it was all garbage food. Homeboy maintained (and still does) a six pack. His BMI is to be envied. If I even look at food, I gain three pounds – forget about what happens when I eat it. The gym takes weight off, but only if I don’t eat anything in the process. I’ve pretty much given up, because I don’t even enjoy working out, and it seems to be for no reason anyway.

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    • I feel you, just thinking about breakfast I feel that I’ve gained some weight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      We just have to be happy with how we look 🙂
      Working out is a great stress reliever for me which is mainly why I do it, I know I’ll never have that Captain America body but I’m good with a close second 😂 haha


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