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I don’t know how to say this in the nicest way. Hmmm.

Loud people are fucking annoying as fuck and I just dislike them so much. 🙂 YoureTooLoud

There is a difference between people that are really outgoing and people that are just flat out loud. Maybe I should start by explaining why loud people annoy me.

First, they drain my social battery. They are always talking, and its not just “talking”, no, at this point its yelling. They can’t have a conversation with you because they are basically having a conversation with anyone who is at an ears distant away, aka anyone with ears. Calm down Karen, no one cares about the guy who cut you off back in 2013 in your brand new Subaru.

Another thing is that even when they are speaking this loud, they still feel the need to ‘speak’ right in your face. As if we can’t hear you. We’re not in a club, you could hear a pin drop but this dude decides to just raise his voice to tell me how his kid lost one of his socks but in fact he was just wearing it. . . and then it happens.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, oh boy, they laugh. Um, hello, hi Joker? Hearing them laugh sometimes scars me more than my alarm in the mornings. I am not one to draw attention to myself, to add to that I hate when other people are listening to my conversations, even when they are about the most dumb things, its none of their business, if I wanted you hear I would be talking to you.

I have always been self conscience of myself. I know that its not entirely a good thing but in a way it is. Or maybe I just have common sense not to to be yelling my conversations across a room. I know what an appropriate volume is, and if I’m excited about something I’m not going to be running around like a chicken looking for its chopped off head.

The difference between people who are just outgoing and loud people is that they know how to carry a conversation like a regular human being should. I know so many good conversationalist that can literally talk up a storm, but they aren’t yelling in my ear. Yes, some people just are who they are but who they are is too loud (lol).

I guess what I’m trying to say is some people need to calm down, they need to lower their hype. I get it your excited you exist but dude, chill.


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