I am back on my diet. I know I have said that more times then the sun has risen this year but I never expected myself to be back in this state.

I weighed myself this past Monday and it came out to 234 pounds. I believe that’s my heaviest, but I feel that a couple years ago I was heavier but I didn’t have a weight back then so no way to know for sure. Either way, I have to drop these extra pounds.

My boyfriend and I are on the saving money boat right now, saving as much as we can. Which means we wont be eating out as much or at all now. Works great with my diet. I don’t plan on having a diet diet, I just plan on eating healthy. Usually if I deprive myself of what I want to eat it never goes well.

I will be walking (and eventually running) at my local park with a friend on weekdays. I’m glad he said yes to joining me since I didn’t want to start alone. I also ordered some weights a while back but they haven’t arrived, maybe the universe is challenging me.

Either way I will meet my goals, I am really confident in myself this time, plus I have my boyfriends and friends support so it should go easier than most times.

Plus I need to look good for some really important upcoming life changing events *wink wink*.

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