I’m engaged now!

It sounds so unreal to say, I never thought that it would be this soon but at the same time I feel great about it but then again it doesn’t seem soon enough.

It was my boyfriends birthday on Tuesday and I thought it would be a nice idea to propose to him. We have talked about getting married for a while now, he and I as well agreed we were ready for the next step in our relationship. So with that in mind I planned to propose.

What I did was buy some twinkle lights that hang from the roof, I printed all of our pictures from our one year of dating (can you believe its been a year?!). I taped them on the lights. I also made a path to the lights with some flickering plastic candles. I bought some white cloth like white rose pedal and scattered them in the path.

He got home from work and while I was holding a bouquet of red roses I greeted him. I told him happy birthday and then popped the question while A Thousand Years by Cristina Perri played int he background. He was so surprised it was honestly so cute.

He didn’t know I was doing to do that but he loved it. In all honesty it was so much work but it was so worth it. If I could I would relive that moment on and on.

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