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I Didn’t Get the Job

So I didn’t get the job. But what else is new?

At this point I think its my interviewing skills. They are not what they need to be. I think that I have a good initial personality, I come off really nice and sweet. That’s not what employers look for. Once they start asking the real questions that’s where I think I fall short.

I’m really desperate to find a full time job at the moment because I want to help my fiance save money for our future. Right now we are ok, and I use that very lightly because we are barley making ends meet but at the same time we aren’t missing anything either.

The thing is that I only work part time, it would be wonderful to work full time. Not to mention I drive 45 minutes to get to work, so finding something a lot closer would defiantly help me save on gas.

I like the place I work at, but there is just too much down time for me. I know a lot of people would love to work at a place where they rarely do anything, but that’s just not me. I want to be doing something, keep me busy, that kind of stuff. I ask for more tasks but they are so small that I have to extend them just so they can last me the time that I am there during the day.

I know I may be asking for a lot because of our current world situation. But that’s not going to stop me from trying to live my dream.

100+ Aplicants

Trying to find a job is hard on its own, now trying to find a job in a Corona Virus world is even harder.

I have been applying to jobs for about two weeks now. I updated my resume and made it look really pretty and what now. I went on indeed and started shooting it at some job postings.

It wasn’t until a couple days ago that Indeed has this new feature that tells you how many people have applied to the same position you did. At first I thought this was a good idea, it would let me know how many people I was up against, until I saw the number.

The thing is that it only lets you see how many people have applied after you have applied. So I applied to some posting and then went back to check on the status. Some of them said 10-100 applicants which is really vague, it could be 15 or it could be 95 they could have been more specific.

But when I checked another posting I had applied to, it had said 100+ applicants. I was surprised that so many people are applying to the same job. I was even more surprised when I got a call from the company saying they wanted to set up an interview.

I low-key felt good that I was called for an interview, I mean out of 100+ people the odds are good. Nevertheless, who ever I do end up interviewing along side with could have more qualifications than I do. This year alone I have been to several interviews and not gotten called back, hopefully its not me that is the issue and its that they found some one better.

Be that as it may, I hope I get this next job, and I hope I like it. I really need a full time job right now.


This is my third week on this new diet (aka just eating healthy) and I have lost 6 pounds so far, only counting the first two weeks. I am on a role and I am loving it.

One of the main reasons is that I need to look good for my up coming wedding. I don’t like the way my clothes have been feeling on me, but now that I am eating better I feel like my clothes are going back to normal.

I have also been in a better mood lately. I feel lighter, happier and its just better. I think its all the endorphins from walking at the park.

I have been waiting for some weights that I ordered back in July to arrive but they haven’t yet. I talked to the sellers and they say its an oversea purchase which is odd since I bought it on Amazon.

I have been really good at eating well against all odds. People at work, friends, even my fiance have tried to get me to eat junk food, but I resist to fall back to where I was at. I have made so much progress I am so happy for myself.

Hopefully my progress continues


I’m engaged now!

It sounds so unreal to say, I never thought that it would be this soon but at the same time I feel great about it but then again it doesn’t seem soon enough.

It was my boyfriends birthday on Tuesday and I thought it would be a nice idea to propose to him. We have talked about getting married for a while now, he and I as well agreed we were ready for the next step in our relationship. So with that in mind I planned to propose.

What I did was buy some twinkle lights that hang from the roof, I printed all of our pictures from our one year of dating (can you believe its been a year?!). I taped them on the lights. I also made a path to the lights with some flickering plastic candles. I bought some white cloth like white rose pedal and scattered them in the path.

He got home from work and while I was holding a bouquet of red roses I greeted him. I told him happy birthday and then popped the question while A Thousand Years by Cristina Perri played int he background. He was so surprised it was honestly so cute.

He didn’t know I was doing to do that but he loved it. In all honesty it was so much work but it was so worth it. If I could I would relive that moment on and on.


I am back on my diet. I know I have said that more times then the sun has risen this year but I never expected myself to be back in this state.

I weighed myself this past Monday and it came out to 234 pounds. I believe that’s my heaviest, but I feel that a couple years ago I was heavier but I didn’t have a weight back then so no way to know for sure. Either way, I have to drop these extra pounds.

My boyfriend and I are on the saving money boat right now, saving as much as we can. Which means we wont be eating out as much or at all now. Works great with my diet. I don’t plan on having a diet diet, I just plan on eating healthy. Usually if I deprive myself of what I want to eat it never goes well.

I will be walking (and eventually running) at my local park with a friend on weekdays. I’m glad he said yes to joining me since I didn’t want to start alone. I also ordered some weights a while back but they haven’t arrived, maybe the universe is challenging me.

Either way I will meet my goals, I am really confident in myself this time, plus I have my boyfriends and friends support so it should go easier than most times.

Plus I need to look good for some really important upcoming life changing events *wink wink*.

Furiously Expensive

Why is California so expensive?

My boyfriend and I talked about moving out of his moms house today. We searched for some homes and cheap homes, mobile homes, and anything that was in our “budget”. But oh my gosh everything is worth two or more body parts to purchase, why is that?

Even the rent is furiously expensive. One studio apartment is $1,000+ a month. How the hell are we going to ever move out if these are the types of prices?

Last weekend we went to one of my friends dinner and they were talking about how they are already looking to purchase a home out of state. They’re job will allow them to transfer which is awesome. They just can’t take how expensive Cali is anymore.

I’ve been noticing that lately. Everyone is moving away. I never actually thought of leaving this state. I mean I have had no issues. I could say that the weather sucks sometimes but I’m sure some other people have it worse.

We are fed up with living in a little space. I mean sure its his moms house but that’s just it, its his moms house, not ours. We have no liberty here. Its not a complaint its just honesty, and we understand, its not ours.

I think for now all we can do is save, as much as we can, and then see what happens in the future.

My Little Bubble

I have been gone from WordPress for a while. I think I’ve hit a writers block again or something of that nature. Or maybe I just haven’t been doing anything worth writing about.

I guess my days have just become mundane. With COVID running a rampage everywhere you can’t really go out and do things. Everything is closed and what is open has restrictions. I don’t want to sound like a Republican when I complain, I do wear my mask everywhere I go and don’t go to any large gatherings. But that does not take away from the fact that this still all sucks.

It would be nice if this thing was under control and people actually listened to the facts and we could all work together to take this thing down. But just like in school there’s always someone who doesn’t want to follow the rules or just doesn’t care.

My boyfriends birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and he said he really doesn’t want anything big this year. I know from the past he has had huge parties with friends and family but he said this year he just wants to spend it with me. I thought that was very sweet since it will be our first together.

I already have his gifts lined up for him and he is going to love them, I have no doubt about that.

Other than that, that’s all that has been going on in my little bubble. We’ll see what happiness next.


I had a dream last night and my mother was in it.

I haven’t seen or spoken to her in three months so it was nice seeing her in my sleep. I know its not her her, but what I remember of her. I do miss her a lot, I always will. I don’t remember what the dream was about but I do remember she was talking to me once again, and it felt great.

Of course waking up to the reality of it all and knowing that its not actually true kind of stings a little. I know its a very far fetch dream but my mind has a very wild imagination.

But through it all I have been handing it all pretty well. I have my days but so does everyone else right?


I broke down today.

I was at work and it was a pretty good day. No rush work, the environment was extra friendly. I even had a little time to myself at my desk.

I went on my website and thought ‘hmm what was I doing in July 3 years ago?’. Of course it had to do something with my mother. It was during one of her firsts surgeries for her breast cancer. I got emotional. I felt what I felt in those moments back then, I relived those days, and the I came back and felt the pain that is today that we no longer talk.

It is nice to have this site and look back to what once was. Some memories are worth reading over again and reliving the feelings. But others hurt. Maybe I wasn’t ready. Maybe I’m still wounded by everything that is happening and has happened.

But when is it ok to be over it? When is it ok to just say that your mother doesn’t accept you for you and move on with your life? Isn’t that sad? It sounds so sad to me.

How Long Will This Last?

Yesterday I thought I would leave this world and this time I’m not joking.

I had a fever of 103(c) degrees, I had lower back pain, and by then end of the day my fingers started feeling numb and I could’t feel what I was touching.

It was unbearable! We almost ended up going to the ER but he stopped by the store on his way to work and got me some pills that worked marvelously. They did take a while to hit but my body soon went to normal again. Today I woke up without a fever and feeling like myself again. What happened? I don’t know but I feel like it was voodoo.

Anyways, yesterday during my almost death bed, I got a call from and Elder from my ex-church. I didn’t answer because the call came in as unknown. When I heard the voicmail I know who it was before they introduced themselves. They told me to call back because they wanted to talk. Of course I wont be calling back.

I know why they are calling now. They want to tell me that I will no longer be a Jehovah Witness. Or, they will ask if I want to repent and say that everything that I have done is a mistake, I regret it, and I will go back and work hard to be the model good christian that they want me to be. But, that’s not going to happen either.

What’s funny is that another person from that church contacted me as well today through text. He used to be a close friend. I didn’t text him back either. What I find funny is that the person who called me yesterday probably told the person who texted me today that I didn’t call back. They’re all connected.

It’s annoying that they are just trying to contact me. I have already started a new life somewhere else, with new people, and I don’t want to hear from them. On the other side it makes me kind of sad because a whole bunch of old feelings and memories come back in a blink of an eye.

Will there be more of them trying to get a hold of me? How long will this last?